Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to buy great second hand ski equipment in Geneva

If you have decided to buy second hand ski equipment for you or for your kids, the not to miss place is  the Ski Bazar fair that takes place on Nov 1st in Onex  -see link attached , where you can buy excellent equipment and ski clothes/outfit at very cheap prices
The fair starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 12 p.m. , it takes place in the Salle Communale d'Onex , however to find the best quality/choice you must be among the first to get in so be prepared to go there at least 30-45  minutes before doors open to stay ahead of the queue. You can also take the opportunity to get rid of ski equipment /clothes for adult and children that you don't use anymore , in that case you have to call the Ski club d'Onex that organizes the fair and go and deposit your stuff for sale on Oct 31 , each piece with a tag with your selling price ; the organizers  take a very small percentage on the sales , you will have to go and collect your unsold items after the sale.

Another great second hand market for children ski equipment and children clothes in general is the International Children Clothing and Toys Sales that takes place on October 12th  in the Geneva  place Eglise du Sacré-Coeur (1st floor rooms), 25bis, Boulevard Georges Favon (Plainpalais) , this is a huge  very big fair that it's organized twice a year , the fair starts at 1p.m. , however you must be there before 12 p.m. to be among the first  to enter.
This fair offers great opportunities for excellent bargains not only on ski equipment but also on clothes and  toys ; prices are extremely cheap, and quality of goods offered is excellent , you can find ski , ski boots , helmets for as less as 10-20 CHF each.

Other places where to buy excellent second hand material for children are the  so called TROC's, second hand markets that takes place twice a year in  most of Geneva districts, normally the troc'sare hosted in the salles communales or in the schools - see next post on this topic


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