Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to create a kitchen garden on your balcony

I like to always use fresh herbs to give a special taste to my food , this is why a year ago  I decided to create a little kitchen garden on my balcony.
This is quite easy to do  and it requires minimum maintenance , if you choose herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme  sand you place your kitchen garden  in a corner of the balcony that it's not directly exposed to the north wind, it can last several months and even years. You can buy herbs such as sage, rosemary, basil  and others at MIGROS Do it Garden in MParc in Carouge , each herb costs only  4.90 CHF , buy also one or two larger pots and a small bag of soil . Once you arrive at home , remove the herbs from their original plastic pots and then place them in the larger pots adding the right quantity of soil. Pour water based on needs and protect the herbs with plastic foil caps at winter
One thing you might not know, to get your plant of rosemary or sage just ask a friend that has the same herb to give you a little brunch of it, put the brunch in a glass of water for 1-2 weeks until new roots will grow , at that point you can put your new plant in the soil.

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