Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to discover Switzerland - The Onion Market in Bern on Nov 24th 2014

The beauty of Switzerland and in particular the beauty of staying in Geneva is that it's possible to travel in many places within just few hours .
I thought that the foreign people who read this blog might want to get advice on the most interesting sight seen  attractions  so I will start from the Onion Market in Bern, it takes place every year on the 4th Monday of November , so this year it will be on Nov 24th . 
The Onion Market is the most important event of the year in Bern .During that day the main streets of Bern city centers are full of booths selling all possible types of onion from all over Switzerland , the street market also sells art craft, ,spices , onion sculptures and all types of local food. The most popular dish on that day is the onion soup served with hot wine and the onion cake.
This event is worth seeing it due to the charming atmosphere and the very special smell, in the evening the people from Bern engage in confetti battles , a tradition linked to the special day.
The history of the market dates back the mid-19th Century, when the new railroad made it easy for farmers to bring their onions into the city, but it has its roots in a two-week autumn market that began in the 1500s. One legend claims that the original market was created as a reward to farmers who helped the Bernese clean up after a city fire in 1405.
If you go to Bern for the market, take the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, Switzerland capital and to see the city center and the bears'park, the bear is the  symbol of the city. 

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