Saturday, 25 July 2015

How to eat in high quality restaurants in Geneva at very reasonable prices

Geneva has the reputation to be an expensive city , especially for its Restaurants, whose prices are normally very high compared to the ones of most European countries .
Actually this is not fully true , in fact there are ways to eat in very good restaurants, even top class at a very reasonable price.
One of these ways is to buy an Assiette Genevoise Card  , it's a card that costs 90CHF and enables two people  to eat in 130 restaurants in Geneva and nearby area at HALF PRICE ( wines and beverages excluded) , so basically two persons eat at the price of one person. The Card is issued each year in  March and it's valid 12 months. You can experience one of the restaurants in the list once per year , at the conditions  described in the book.
an example of the assiette Genevoise card

We have been buying the card for many years and we have always been very satisfied  because the majority of restaurant in the list are high quality, some are also among the very popular ones in Geneva such as l'Arabesque in President Wilson, Le Parc des Eaux Vives  , L'Escapade and many others , basically the card pays out after  1-2 dinners.
Another , similar option , is offered by Le Passport Gourmand  , it's a card that it costs 95CHF , it's valid from January till December and it's available in several areas of Switzerland , each are has it's own restaurants, the main difference compared with the Assiette is that the Passport Gourmand enables different type of discounts, depending on how many people you are. For example you get 50% discount  if you are two, 40% if you are three, 30% if you are four and 20% if you are five or six. Restaurants that are listed in the Assiette  are somehow different from the one in the Passport so I would advice you to have a look at what is in there and then decide which one to buy.

Finally the last option  I would like to mention is Buyclub , that offers great deals to the ones who have signed in, membership is free and offers are limited in quantity to first come first served. The site is in English and If you are interested in an offer you buy it on line and receive a voucher that  you have to print and present at the restaurant. You must reserve in advance and tell you have a buyclub voucher .We are regular Buyclub users since many years and have always been satisfied about the offer. Definitively worth trying it.Buyclub offers also otehr type of deals, like  Spa treatment, hotels , hairdressers  and so on

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