Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to get the freshest fruits and vegetables picked by yourself LA FRAISIERE -Meyrin- SEASON STARTED on May 19th!

Have you  have ever dreamed to pick yourself the freshest  seasonal fruit and vegetable ?
In Geneva you can do it, just to to the Ferme de la Feullasse  also called la Fraisiere , in Meyrin, close to Geneva airport , you get there and have access to their fields and you can collect as many strawberries, raspberries, blueberries as you can , you can collect also vegetables , it all depends on the season so don't expect to collect strawberries in August !
The farm is open from May  till October/November and it's closed on Sundays , at the end of your pick you get the amount picked weight and you are charged  based on the pricelist.
We went there a couple of times and always loved it , especially my son who never had that experience before ,it is  a great way to spend your Saturday with your family in an unconventional way.
Dani's advice: 

My son and husband collecting raspberry last summer
  1. Before going check on the website that the place is open and which fruits and vegetables can be picked 
  2. Go with rainboots or shoes suitable to walk on the muds/fields and with practical and inexpensive clothes that you don't mind to damage with fruit/vegetables spots that are very difficult to be removed
  3. Go there early morning on Saturdays , ideally before 10-10.30 a.m. so to find the best choice to pick
Below a a picture of our last raspberry picking adventure and of the Raspberry Cake that my husband made afterwards !
If you want the recipe of the Crostata di lamponi please let me know
my husband's raspberry cake 

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