Monday, 6 October 2014

SKI Clubs in Geneva : How to get your kids up to speed in skiing in Geneva

Although the summer is not yet over, at least from weather standpoint, you should start  getting organized for the next winter season that is about to start , the time to enroll our kids to ski activities for this winter season is NOW and these activities get full very soon so if you wait some weeks you risk not to find any available place anymore

 Find here some useful links to Ski Clubs in Geneva areas , these clubs offer kids activities during the week ends : Swiss Ski & snowboard school , this  school offers group classes for kids from 6 to 16 years old and also adults each Saturday and Sunday : the set of 6 sessions cost 590CHF for the kids, it includes lesson and transport to les Brasses a ski resort 30 minutes far from Geneva in nearby France
The website of the school ,   is also  in English and so it's easy to use also for not native French speakers.
The bus deparst from 2 place in Geneva left bank , one in  Sous Moulin and the other in Vernet at 7.45 an 8.10am  respectively
 Another option  that I would recommend because I have tested it personally and enrolled my 9 years old son in the last 2 ski seasons  is the Ski club  Geneve  their website is in French only but easy to use and navigate
Enrollment is open as of Oct 1st and kids do not have to attend all sessions so parents will pay only the ones that have been booked . Each session cost 50CHF (65CHF for not members) I would recommend to enroll in membership, it only costs 40CHF and it's pay out already after 3 sessions.
Parents bring kids at the meeting point at Bout Du Monde at 7.30 a.m. every Saturday and are back at 6.30 p.m. after having spent a day skiing in the area of Saint Gervais in France .

 Third option is indeed to seek if your quarter/district where you live has skiclub or to enroll your kid to a commune that has one
The full list of the Skiclubs in Geneva by district/area   is here  although the site is in French you can easily translate the page and get all the information ( name of district , children ages , if the skiclub is open only to people living in the commune or to everybody and so on)  .For example in the list you find that the district of Lancy  has his own Ski club  ht tp:// that is open to kids as of 7 years old and organizes daily sessions on Saturday and Wednesdays and so on.


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