Saturday, 11 October 2014

How to have your hair done for 30 CHF in Geneva Ecole Superieure de Coiffeure

To get your hair done for 30CHF in Geneva is possible by going to the Ecole  Superieure de Coiffeure , they have 2 hair  saloons in Geneva, one in the very central Rive and the other in Plain Palais , both places are easily accessible via public transport.
The have two hair saloons  are open from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m., however they don't take new clients after 4 p.m.; you go there without appointment and can also request to have your hair done by a specific hairdresser , in which case you have to call and book in advance .
As the name of the Hair Saloon  says , this is a hair dressers school , the environment and setting is  pretty basic and  the young people who will be doing your hairs are students, so do not expect to have the same results as you would have if you go to a professional hairstylist , however if you don't have special requirements and you want to get your hair done simply and quickly then you might give a try. This place is also good to cut your children (males) hairs at a super convenient price.
I have been there several times especially at the beginning of my stay in Geneva , an advice is to always ask for a student with experience, this means a student who is the last period of her studies, once you find someone who gets your hair done in a way that satisfies you , then you always ask to be assigned to the same person, a small supplement applies but it's worth while .

I have been told that there is another chain of hairsaloon at extremely low prices in Switzerland and that has two saloons in Geneva,,  it's called GIDOR, they are in Cornavin train station and in  Planete Charmilles shopping mall. I have never tried them but teh website seems appealing and prices very cheap.

Another and different option to get your hair done by professional saloons at very good prices is to seek for Buyclub specific offers  , as already talked in one of my other posts .

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