Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to learn about the Particle Accelerator and have fun - The CERN Passport to the Big Bang 54 km scientific bike trail - FREE

This is a  54 km trail  through the Swiss and French countryside around CERN ;this trail    goes through 10 key intermediate stops , they are exhibition platforms located at 10 different CERN sites, this trail follows the course of the huge underground ring of the LHC particle accelerator.  In each platform there is a  mini-exhibitions that explains the key researches conducted at CERN  , in each platforms there are  telescopes and visitors are able to watch short video sequences illustrating  CERN science and technology. 
When you go there, do not miss the opportunity to participate to the LHC mission , an interactive game  that  you can play through  the entire trail in the 10 terminals of the platforms  by activating them via special codes ,  the codes to play the game can be found in  the  Passport to the Big Bang booklet containing all the necessary information ,  available at Geneva tourist offices  tourist offices and at the CERN Reception,  the passport can also be downloaded via the above website. link  
The website offers all needed information also in English, including also the detailed map of the trail , special signs indicate the precise itinerary to be followed by bike.

                                the itinerary of Passport to Big Bang Trial - copyright CERN 

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