Friday, 10 October 2014

How to learn all types of cooking starting from 25CHF -ECOLE MIGROS

Ecole Migros is a Company of the Supermarket Chain MIGROS , they have offices everywhere in Switzerland, in Geneva there are two places , in the city centre -rue du Prince  3 - and in Balexter buidling.
They offer a huge variety of courses fin many areas, ranging from sport activities to language lessons , however not a lot of people know that they also offer all types of cooking classes for all type of learners from absolute beginner to master chefs.
At present the Ecole Migros website   offer 655 cooking classes so basically you can literally find any type of cooking lesson that you are looking for and at very reasonable prices , price of the lessons starts at 25 CHF  , the most expensive class is at about 360 CHF for 12 periods sessions.
Many courses take place after working hours and in the evening , enrollment can be done either in the Ecole Migros offices or online
There are quite many  classes for English speaking people, however better to check before enrolling .
My husband who is an excellent cook, attended several courses , including how to make Sushi, Sur La Voi de Grands Chefs  how to make Fois Gras , how to make Macarons and others, he enjoyed each lesson very much , the teachers are very professional and very helpful in explaining how to cook , he was able to understand everything although his French level wasn't so good at the time he attended the lessons
At the end of each class,the participant stay and eat what they have cooked all together , so thsi si also a good way to meet new people while enjoying the result of your hard works.

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