Monday, 13 October 2014

How to make your personalized stamps - with your picture- for your letters to friends around the world -LA POSTE SUISSE

Although we are in the era of digital, mobiles and social media , for those of you who like me still enjoy to send letters or Christmas wishes via the traditional old way , La Poste Suisse has an application called Webstamp -easy  that enables to create and print yourself your personalized  stamps online.
Basically you just have to decide the image that you want to print on the stamps the type of stamp value (this is based on the the destination of your letters  and on the dimension of the letters) and the quantity that you want to print.
At the end you pay and get the stamps immediately printed , you don't pay additional charges to print your stamps , but will have to buy the special adhesive paper at the La Poste shop online or at post offices. Note also that before proceeding you have to enroll in La Poste website and own a La Poste Card to pay online . 

Dani's advice I think this is a fabulous idea for the wedding invites that at least in Italy are still sent via traditional letters to each invitee via postal services. 

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