Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to rent for 50 CHF a beautiful place where to organize your kids' birthday party

Hi I'm sure most of you have faced the challenge to find a great and large place where to organize your children's birthday parties.
I live in an apartment and I'm not willing to host here something like 20-30 kids running and jumping all over the places , not to take into account the fact that after you host such a party , it's better that you look for another place to live because neighbors in Switzerland do not particularly like noise.
So if you don't have an isolated house  and still want to make your kids happy by celebrating their birthdays with all their friends , the solution is to rent for a day one of Geneva public places .
There are many possibilities to rent great places, my advice is first to look at the Maison de Quartier of the district where you live. The Maison de Quartier is the Public Place that  host all services offered to the residents of the districts , including  the possibility to rent the place for children anniversaries  either on Saturdays or on Sundays. Just for example,  in Champel, you can rent  all the ground floor of the charming 19th century Swiss Chalet located in front fo Parc Bertrand  that hosts the offices of the Maison de Quartier de Champel for 50 CHF + a deposit that you will take it back  after the party has taken place.
The only and key condition to rent the Maison de Quartiers is to be resident in the district , so if you live in Eaux Vives you cannot rent the Maison de Qaurtier of Petit Lancy, for example. Note also that  this option is very popular among the local people so  you must book 1-2 months in advance the selected date;  the area that is rented has usually also a separate kitchen where  you can cook the food and snacks that you plan to offer  during the party .
Here is the list of the Maison de Quartiers in Geneva
Below the  image of the Maison de Quartier de Champel

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