Sunday, 12 October 2014

How to rent a Costume for your kid as of 10 CHF

If you have children of ages between 3 and 10 you will soon realize that you need a set of Carnival dresses because there will be many occasions in which your kid will need it , especially in Geneva. Typically these occasions are :
  • Birthday Parties - while in Italy kids wear Carnival dresses only at Carnival, here many birthday parties require children to be dressed with costumes : princess, king superheroes and so on
  •  La course de l'Escalade , La Marmite a typical event within the Escalade that takes place in Geneva in December and when kids go in town or participate to the race  in costumes.
  • Halloween  and Carnival 
So,  it's better to be equipped to face the above ,and  since to buy  costumes here is  quite expensive , the best thing is to rent them , also because in such a way your kid can wear a different costume each time he/she is invited to a birthday party or to an event.
A very good place  for me to rent costumes at very reasonable prices is Vet's Shop in 2, Rue Leshot ,at the corner with  Rue de Carouge  in Plainpalais.
This Vet's Shop is a Red Cross second hand shop specialized in Carnival costumes rental for adults and kids, the tarifs start at 10 CHF , but price can be  higher depending on the costumes, worth a visit! Note that costumes are stored in the shop's basement, so they not visible from the outside.

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