Monday, 6 October 2014

How to rent Ski equipment

First thing to think about before renting ski equipment is whether you want to rent on occasional bases or for the whole season
If you aren't sure whether your child  will like skiing or not then I suggest you do on a week end bases, I always rented for the season because it's much more practical and less expensive if you consider the number of times that you will use the equipment. Season starts in December and ends mid April normally.
The place I would recommend  is Locaski from MIGROS , in Geneva they are close to Mparc La Praille in Carouge area , and you can park just outside the shop, they are efficient and less expensive than other places in town , staff is helpful and can give you good advice, watch out they might not speak English so better to go with someones who does.
It's probably now a bit early to rent ski equipment, however I would suggest you to give them a call, the earlier you go the better choice you will have to get the model you have in mind.

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