Saturday, 25 July 2015

How to save money to travel to Italy via the Mont Blanc - Mont Blanc Tunnel PASS

Last month talking with a friend who travels often to Italy to go skiing in the Aosta valley area , I was surprised to hear that he didn't know the existence of the Mont Blanc Tunnel Pass, and then I discovered that also many other friend of mine didn't know either so I thought it could be useful to share it with you.
The Mont Blanc Tunnel Pass is a card with a set  of 10 or 20 transits across the Tunnel , it costs 135.60 Euro and 189.90  Euro  for 10 and for 20 rides respectively .

If you consider that a round trip across the tunnel by car costs 54.30 Euro , you save 50% on 10 transits and and 70% on  20 transits
More information on  the Mont Blanc Tunnel website . Note that the pass has a validity of 12-18 months that can be extended and it's not nominal , it's nor linked to a given  car plate so all your family members and friends can use it.

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