Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to travel around the whole Switzerland by Train with only 42 CHF/day and where to buy the DAY PASS

Travelling the entire Country by Train - with any train even the fastest ones and any public transport , in 2nd class ,  for only 42 CHF /day is possible , you just have to buy the CFF Day pass from the  Espace de la Ville de Geneve , that is located at the Pont De  La Machine right in the heart of the city
Each family can buy up to 4 passes a year and you have to be resident in Geneva to be able to apply.
Important : each pass is valid only for a given specific day that you have to select in advance , so if you aren't sure that you will go , better not to buy.
Note also that there is only a limited number of passes available per day so if you want to buy a pass for a Saturday or a Sunday it better to book it as much in advance as possible , the website above also gives you the availability per day so to avoid you to go and buy if passes are sold out for that day.
When going there , ensure you have your identity card and a proof that you live in Geneva, typically the last electricity bill is enough.

If you are not resident in Geneva or if Geneva passes are sold out for the day of your interset , another way to  procure a CFF Day Pass  is to  to check in the official websites of the other Geneva districts, such as Lancy, Carouge,Troinex and so on, normally they can sell passes if they have not exhausted the ones available for that day . In most cases the passes availability is displayed online.

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