Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The top 5 most beautiful Christmas Markets 2015 at driving distance from Geneva

Image taken from the official website of Strasbourg Christmas event www.noel.strasbourg.eu
When I arrived in Geneva many years ago I struggled to find out which ones among the many Christmas Markets, were worth visiting, this is why  I decided to write this post , I hope this will make your life a bit easier enabling faster decision about where to go...
Here below the list of the top 5 most beautiful Christmas Markets that can be visited in one day trip from Geneva, note however that although the visit can be done in one day, nevertheless a two days visit is recommended for all of them except for Montreaux.
If you plan to go there by train , I would strongly suggest to buy the tickets as soon as possible , the same is valid for the hotels if you decide to stay overnight , that I would recommend to live the charming atmosphere , in fact Hotels are booked with even a year in advance and it's not easy to find a place during the weekends.
Note that due to the recent tragic facts in Paris, the Christmas Market events program has been reduced and several events have been cancelled, and there are very strict security measure to access the sites, so check websites before going

Image of Bremgarten Christmas Market www.mypremiumswitzerland.com

Here is  my Top 5 Christmas Market list :

  1. Strasbourg Christmas Market , from November 27th till December 24th ,this is a  MUST SEE , for me the one and only, the most beautiful , the most charming and the most touching , also because the town is by itself magnificent and would be worth a visit even outside the Christmas period . The market has been voted as the best one in Europe.
  2. Colmar Christmas Market , from November 20th till December 31st ,it can be combined with Strasbourg in one trip. The village is also called the small Venice and its beautifully decorated with about 200 wooden chalets, this year there will be 5 small markets linked to each other. 
  3. Bremgarten Christmas Market ,( close to Zurich) from Decermber3th  till December 6th, the largest and very authentic Christmas Market in Switzerland with 320 stalls in the Medieval Old Town .
  4. Morat/Murten Christmas Market  from December 11th till December  13th , very charming Christmas Market held in the beautiful Medieval village, in particular great and magic atmosphere at night 
  5. Montreaux  Christmas Market from Nov 20st till Dec 24th , this market takes place in the glamorous town on  the lake, may be not the most traditional Christmas market, however the easiest to reach , at only 1 hour by train , worth  an afternoon trip.

from www.repubblica.it


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