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How to enroll you child (6 to 18 years old ) in a great activity (also Ski weeks) during school holidays in February 2015- time to enroll is NOW

Hi although October school holidays have just finished, it's already time to think about what activities you would like your child to do during the  next school holidays,  in Geneva area this will from February 9th till February 13th for a full week.

If your child is younger than 10-12  years old, a valid  option could be to enroll your him/her  in one of the activities in Le Chalet du Petit Prince , this is a great place in Champel, see my other post; they offer workshops for that week on  half a day and on full day bases for very reasonable prices.

Another option is to enroll your child in a full week skiing,  in one of the SKIclubs that I mentioned in my other post

Another option, and actually the subject of this post is to search among the many activities that the various associations offer in Geneva .
These activities are all listed in the Canton de Geneve website , clicking the link  you can find the complete  list of  activities that still have places available, you can select  based on the age of your child, the period , and the subject of the activity ,you can also select holiday camps , sejours  (your child sleeps out the full week) or activities that last the entire  week but  that don't require your child to sleep out at night , so he/she will come back  at home in the evenings , these are called journees.

The range of activities offered is  very broad and superinteresting, there are all types of Ski camps , including the  ones with observations of the wild animals , cooking classes, theater, music classes, clown stages and so on.

Prices are very reasonable , a week ski camp costs about 500 CHF all included, while a week of daily classes costs 250 CHF including lunches .

Important: all activities are in French , however this can also be a good way for your child to learn this language faster .
Please note that these activities get full very soon so you should book NOW , links and instructions to enroll are explained in the website, clicking on the selected activity

I will write about all the sports activities for the school holiday week in another post.

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