Sunday, 20 September 2015

How to improve your Kid’s English level . My favourite 5 English schools in Geneva

Many of my friends who are not English mother tongue and who have kids enrolled in the French school system, have the strong desire to improve their children’s English knowledge so I decided to write this post will help them and many others who have the same needs.  

Below the list of the English Schools that offer English classes to children , these are the ones that I know , either directly or because friends have enrolled their kids there.

ALPE, Association de langue pourenfants à Genève, offers weekly  classes for kids as of 4 years old , and also includes the preparation to Cambridge Certificate. The nice thing of this school  is that it has many locations in Geneva so it’s very easy to find one close by where your live; costs are also very reasonable, they range from 190 CHF to 260 CHF per 10 weeks lessons (1 lesson per week, 50 minutes each) lessons and take place in the afternoon after school hours and during the day on Wednesdays.

ECOLEMIGROS  in Geneva, offers English classes for kids as of 5 years old , a course of 14 lessons, once per week normally on Saturdays or on Wednesdays costs about 350 CHF There are maximum 15 children in each class and classes are offered by kids age, one class for kids from 5 till 7 years old and  another for kids from 8 till 10 years old , classes are organized for  different English knowledge levels .

ARNIES’ CLUBin St Jean district offers courses for kids as of 2 years old and has different types of courses including camps and daily classes during school holidays. I have a friend who has enrolled her 5 years old son there and was very satisfied. Price are ok/reasonable , however  they are not indicated on the website.

SPELL LANGUAGES  offers a large variety of courses to kids from  2.5 years  till 13 years old , classes take place after school hours during the week,  and during the full day on Wednedsays and on Saturday morning, the spirit is that kids learn English while having fun or doing  activities that they like, the school has offices in Carouge, Troinex, St Gervais, Aire la Ville and Vernier. There are also many activities planned during school holidays and in summer.Summer weeks start from 300 CHF/week, the price of the weekly courses are not reported in the website. 

KEY ENGLISH SCHOOL offers a very large variety of courses to kids from 3 to 13 years old and , they are based on different activities that are performed in English , there are dancing classes, science classes , art crafts classes , little explorers classes and many others . Courses take place in Corsier, Menier, Genthod , Geneva. The school organizes summer camps and summer classes during school holidays and also very interesting 2 hours workshops on different themes on Wednesdays afternoon, these workshops cost 40 CHF for 2 hours and are differentiated by age. Friends of mine who enrolled their children in the summer weeks courses were very satisfied, the full week activities costs 700 CHF for 5 days courses from 9 till 5 p.m. in Corsier.
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Other schools : 
BELL SCHOOL offers half day or full day English courses to kids in preschool age (till 5 years old) and to older children  during school holidays 

BERLITZ  offers summer camps /holidays camps to children from 7 to 17 years old