Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to make bargains: second hand kids clothes , toys and ski equipment TROC Chene Bourg on Saturday November 8th

I have already extensively talked in one of my previous post about the TROCS , the second hand  sales  held by private people or school associations, that take place typically in the schools on Saturdays twice a year ,in Autumn and in Spring.
The TROCS are great place to make bargains because the quality of things , toys typically , but also clothes on sales can be very high (i.e. branded goods) and the price are extremely cheap
In the past I years  bought not only tons of books and like new toys but also ski equipment, bicycles, scooters , skates ,  helmets and so on for my 9 years old boy .
Last Saturday I went to the TROC of Champel and I bought a pair of excellent ski for my son for 18 CHF only

This Saturday there is the TROC of Chene Bourg , it takes place in Rte F. Perreard 2 1225 Chene Bourg from 9.30 a.m. till 12.30 p.m. , this is a good one but there is normally a long queue to enter so go there 30 minutes in advance
Next Saturday TROCS takes place in Meyrin  and in Bernex.

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