Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to offer an unique experience to your teenagers kids (and to your husband too) Professional FLIGHT and FORMULA 1 Simulators -New in Geneva

Today I'm sharing with you a brand new information that I hope can give you some ideas for unforgettable birthday gifts for your children (above 12 Years old) and to the other males of your family.
I have just found out that  two new attractions have just been installed in Geneva , professional flight simulator and Fomula 1 /Rally simulator.

The Flight Simulator has just been installed in the Airstore Library  in the Cornavin Station area , this equipment is the same used to train professional pilots and it offers unique and unforgettable experiences to all adults and children older than 12 years old.
The price of this emotion is not cheap, one hour flight , that includes all explanations and a lesson from an expert costs 215 CHF , however I have been told that the experience such breathtaking that it's worth the money!

The Formula 1/Rally experience   is can be made in Simulpro the brand new center just opened in Plan Les Ouates, in Rte De St Julien 91 , this center hosts 8 professional simulators and it's open 7/7 Sunday included till 11 p.m.
The simulators can be accessed to children taller than 140 cm, i.e. older than 9-10 years old ; also in this case the experience is not cheap, in fact it costs 79 CHF for 20 minutes drive.

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