Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to celebrate the New Year 2015 Italy FERRARA , The Castle on Fire Show

This is another unforgettable way to celebrate the New Year 2015, although it is not exactly round the corner from Geneva.
Ferrara, one of the most beautiful Historical towns of the North of Italy is at about 600 Km from Geneva. Ferrara it is famous for its center full of Medioeval and Reinassance buildings and its by itself worth a trip because of its magnificent monuments and museums.
On December 31st one of the town's symbols, the Castle of the Dukes of Este  the Italian dynasty who lived in 15th Century , becomes the theater of the spectacular Fireworks that have the special effect to simulate a huge fire in the castle. 
The best way to enjoy the night is to book the famous Dinner of the Este Dukes, that takes place inside the beautiful rooms of the castle as of 8 p.m; the dinner costs about 100 Euro//person and it offers the magical atmosphere of the Renaissance thanks to music and to the company of several people dressed as 15th Century pages, nobles, princesses who entertain the guests with their shows and beautiful costumes.
The price includes the view of the spectacular fireworks from a privileged location inside the castle .
To plan and book your trip in Ferrara, have a look at the official website

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