Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to learn DOG SLEDDING at 1 hour from Geneva LUNGAIAK School in Jura for adults and kids

I have been living in Geneva since almost 11 years, however I have to admit that I didn't know about the LUNGAIAK  School , that is locate in the Jura at about 1 hr driving from Geneva offers the unique in a lifetime opportunity to adults and kids to learn the art of dogs sledding .
The school  offers a variety of program , including kids sessions during school holidays.
The programs are all centered on their beautiful dogs and take place during summer and winter, anyhow without a doubt the most fascinating discipline that they teach is the art of dog sledding in winter.
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There are several possibilities to learn this "sport" , the easiest one is to go on the sled guided by an instructor , the sessions  lasts from 30 minutes till half a day inside the beautiful Jura mountains Prices vary from 40 Euro/person for 30 minutes to 135 Euro/person for half a day , children have discounted prices.
The most complete and interesting course is the one where professional dog sledding instructors teach you how to lead the dog sled yourself, lessons and prices are different , one hours costs 80 Euro/person, a day costs 315 Euro/person.

This is an unique experience , worth trying! Important, lesson and courses have to be booked in advance, especially courses for kids and adults during school holidays ,all courses are fully booked till January 12th
copyright Lungaiak

copyright Lungaiak
copyright Lungaiak

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