Monday, 30 November 2015

The 5 Most Beautiful TOBOGGAN RUNS in Switzerland

Snow season is about to start, this post is for the ones who prefer  toboggan /sled  to skis or who loves both.
Here is the list of the most beautiful toboggan run in Switzerland , some of the runs quoted here are among the most famous in Europe !
While browsing in Davos website I found out that Sledging was a very popular sport in  Davos  in the XIX Century , and it's there that a famous model of sledge was invented , the carpenters were inspired by the  Norwegian ones and the very first sledge race took place in 1883.

An image from XIX Century taken by Davos story book

  1. The longest toboggan run in Europe BIG PINTENFRITZ/GRINDELWAD is 15 km long and a spectacular view; it starts at Faulhorn at 2680 mt and ends in Grindelwald at 1034 mt , medium difficulty  
  2. FIESCHERALP/FIESCH -EGGISHORN is 13 km long , it starts at Fiescheralp at 2222 mt and it ends in Lax 1039 mt , starting point is easily accessible , the run is spectacular , difficulty :easy
  3. LA TZOUMAZ/SAVOLEYERS  is 10 km long and it's the closest to Geneva , it starts at 2354 mt and it ends 819 mt lower, 6 times a year during full moon night , the run is open at night and special evening events are organized 
  4. PREDA-BERGUN/GRAUBUNDEN is the longest run in Europe with night lighting,it is 6 km long ,it starts in Preda at 1789 mt and it ends in Bergun at 1386 mt, it's a challenging one with exciting turns ,  difficulty :medium.
  5. RINERHORN/DAVOS, it is 3.5 km long and 34 turns (!) , it has night lighting on Wednesdays and on Fridays.

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