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How to enjoy Carnival : the One & Only - CARNIVAL of VENICE from January 31st till February 17th

It's almost Carnival time and if you have never been there , then going to the Carnival of Venice is simple a MUST !
If you live in Geneva, this is an experience that you cannot miss because Venice is quite easily reachable from Geneva. It takes about 6-7 hours by car, a bit longer by train but then you don't have the hassle to find a parking slot, and less than two hours by Easyjet, definitively my recommended way, also taking into account that train is not cheaper.

There are different ways to enjoy the Carnival in Venice, ranging from attending  one of the many and very expensive Private Ball Parties to just walking around without a precise destination and just follow the flow , the latter is my favorite one, because it allows to discover Venice's beautiful small streets , called "calle". Important, every year hundreds thousands of people reach Venice every day of the Carnivalso don't go there if you don't like the crowd, because it will be everywhere

The Angel 's flight
The program of the 2 and half week of the Carnival is full of public  events that are free of charge such as the water parade, the carnival arsenal nights, the election of the best costume of the day,  the spectacular "Angel's  flight" on February 15th , the official opening of  the Carnival, when a famous Italian woman,  each year  a different one, "flies" from the top of the St. Mark 's bell tower to the square , where thousands of people are waiting for her .

If you go there, and you don't have a costume or a mask, do not worry,  you can rent a costume or buy a mask there.
the water parade

Finally, if you want to enjoy the Carnival of Venice at best , here are the 5 key advice:

  1. Don't expect Rio
  2. Be brave and wander 
  3. Sit in a bar
  4. Dress up
  5. Have regard for the Carnival etiquette

You find the full article and the details of the advice in this link 

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