Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to find Venice in Annecy - ANNECY VENETIAN CARNIVAL from February 16th till February 21st

In one of posts I talked about the beauty of the Carnival of Venice, however if you don't have time to go that far , there is a very simple way to enjoy the Venetian Carnival atmosphere.
It is enough to take your car and drive for 30-40 minutes to arrive in the beautiful small town of Annecy, also called the little Venice ,because its historical center is surrounded by canals .

Every year in Annecy la Carnival of Venice takes place in small scale, in fact  many hundreds of beautiful masks walk in the center giving the visitors the impression to be in the real Venice; it is an event free of charge and definitively worth going to admire masks that are as beautiful as the Venetian ones !
And, like for the Carnival of Venice , the best thing to do it's to just walk around the narrow streets of the historical city center and with the mindset to live the moment.
The Carnival of Annecy takes place from Feb 16th till Feb 21st , however masks are walking around only as of Feb 19th , so Feb 19-21st are the core days of this event.

Definitively a very unique experience !
Detailed program of the Carnival of Annecy is available on the Annecy tourist office

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