Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to see sharks at driving distance from Geneva - The 2 Aquariums : Genoa and Lyon

My son has a true passion  for the sea , he loves snorkeling and watch all types of fishes , so the Aquarium is one of his favorite destinations.Unfortunately there is no Aquarium in Geneva yet, however there are two great ones not far away: the one in Genoa at 4 to 5 hours driving from Geneva and the one in Lyon at less than two hours driving from Geneva .
The Aquarium of Genoa is the Italy's most famous and one of the largest in Europe , it is visited by thousands of people every day , it hosts 70 tanks, 15000 animals belonging to 400 species such as sea mammals, penguins, crocodiles,  seals, Antarctic fishes , sharks and many dolphins including the new baby dolphin who was recently born there.
The standard tour lasts 2-3 hours ,however the visit of the whole Aquarium Village lasts one full day and includes also the Naval museum , the Birds and Reptiles Pavillon and other nearby attractions , if you want to visit only the Aquarium, the ticket costs 24 Euro for adults and 15 for children, I do recommend to buy it online to avoid the very long queue at the ticket offices.
The Aquarium is open all year long, 365 days/year  and it's located in a very nice area of town called Porto Antico so it's worth exploring the nearby area and stop in one of the nice bakery shops to taste the famous  focaccia Ligure.
The aquarium of Lyon is much smaller than the one of Genoa, however it's much easier to be reached from Geneva , at only 1.5-2 hrs driving, so it is  the ideal destination for an half day trip. It hosts about 5000 fishes in 47 tanks including the famous shark area.It is open from Wednesday till Sunday (7 days a week  in July and in August and during French school holidays) , ticket costs 15 Euro for adults and 11 Euro for kids, if you buy on line you have 2 Euro discount per ticket. 

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