Saturday, 9 January 2016

The 5 Best 2016 CARNIVAL EVENTS in SWITZERLAND at driving distance from Geneva

I love carnival and its atmosphere , and I have written about the Carnival of Venice and the one of Annecy in two of my other posts.
This post is again about Carnival and about the different festivals that take place in Switzerland through February and March 2015.

Here below the list of my Top 5 favorite Carnivals events  :

The Carnaval de Bale in Basel, at 3 hours driving from Geneva is my favorite one for its unique and fascinating atmosphere. This carnival starts at 4 a.m. sharp on Feb 15th at 4 a.m  and lasts exactly 72 hours till 4 a.m. on February 17th , during this period the city center is literally full of masks, music, parties, a very unique atmosphere to enjoy by just walking without a precise destination , just following the crowd. This carnival is very unique compared to the others, the most famous events are the lanterns night procession, with 200 big lantern caricaturing local topics,which can be considered the largest open air art exhibition, and the two parades on Monday and Wednesday with more than 10000 people in costume who distribute confetti, mimosa flowers and other small gifts to the visitors.

The Carnaval de Monthey takes place from February 4th till February 9th. Monthey is a village in Valais  at about 2 hours driving from Geneva ,the carnival lasts 6 full days; it's program is full of different activities ,many of them are for children, especially on Saturday and on Tuesday . The most important and famous event is the huge masks parade that takes place on Sunday February 15th , it is followed by the launch of "confetti".
The Carnaval de Sion takes place in Sion at about 2 hours driving from Geneve from February 4th till February 9tth , a full 6 days celebration with several different parades that take place at days andnights, including some special ones for kids and the famous  horses parade on Sunday at 2p.m. 

The Carnival (Brandons)  de Moudon takes place in Moudon , not far away from Lausanne, at less than 1 hour driving from Geneva from March 3rd till March 6th , the theme  of the carnival this year is "Safary"  and there are many very characteristic parades that take place there for adults and children.Worth mentioning the children parade on Saturday at 3.30p.m. and the opening cerimony when torches enlighten the entire city .

The Carnival de Payerne takes place in Payerne, at a bit more than 1 hour driving from Geneva  from February 12th till February 15th , this is one of the oldest carnivals in Switzerland , also here 3 full days of events , musics and big parades , including the children parade
Carnival de Payerne

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