Saturday, 11 April 2015

How to enjoy NEW YORK CITY - My Top 6 latest TIPS !

I know that this Blog is about living in Geneva, however  New York City is just  at 7-8 hours by plane from Geneva, I thought it could be worth sharing with you some things I discovered about New York in my last trip there a few weeks ago.
The picture I took  from the Top of the Rock 

Here my list of Tips & Tricks to enjoy it at reasonable prices and/or to live unique experiences:

Tickets for the MET Museum and Natural History Museum , the first is an institution, the second is a must destination if you have  kids, it's basically like the one of Geneva in a 1:100 scale .
You might not know that the tickets price for each of these museums are at the discretion of the visitors, this basically means that anyone pays what he/she thinks it 's the right amount to pay or what he/she would like to pay, not the suggested ticket price at the entrance (that is about 27$/person) . Most Americans pay an amount of about 5 $ or so.

See the Most Famous Broadway Plays for 30$/person. Although I have been quite some times in NYC, I didn't know that almost any play offers the so called "Rush " Tickets and the "Lottery" Tickets. Rush tickets can be bought the morning of the day when you would like to see the Play , as soon as the theater ticket office opens. The "Lottery ticket" is a more fascinating concept, this consists in a lottery that takes place about 2 hours before the show starts, anybody can enroll in the lottery for free. If you win the lottery , and there are quite many winners each time,  then you have the right to buy up to two tickets at very discounted price. Winning the lottery is relatively easy during the low seasons, because there aren't so many people who participate. We won two tickets for Wicked at 30 $ each , Aladdin and all other musicals except the Lyon King were on the Lottery in Feb. To know the timetable of the Lottery and of the Rush Sales, please consult this website

Have a Top Quality Dinner at very low prices. This is doable by booking your dinner via, which is a sort of equivalent of Airbnb for Food, so basically you go and eat in people homes the food that they cook for you and you pay the price agreed at the moment of booking. You can find top professional cooks and also people who have just the passion for cooking and who do it as an hobby. There are plenty of opportunities to eat all types of food in NYC, so don't miss the chance to try it!

Offer your kids and your family/friends/loved ones an unique original gift , this is the Personalized Candies in the M&Ms store in Times Square, where you can print on the famous M&M's Candies up to 4 different phrases, logos, children names and so on, and you can choose the colors of your candies.This is a fantastic personalized gift that is available at very reasonable prices, starting form 10$ depending on the quantity.
Spend few hours with your kids in the 4 Floors Videogames and Technology Sony center FOR FREE This is the Sony Wonder Technology Lab , in the  super central Madison ,close to the Nike Town and the Apple Cube Store, the entry is free but it has to be booked in advance via mail or phone, there are all possible types of Videogames and Technology games to enjoy and explore!

Get 10% off on almost the full assortment of all Dept. Stores , this in addition to any already available special sales. You might be aware of it alraedy , anyhow I think it's worth mentioning that if you go in any Dept. Store in NYC and in US and show to the Customer Service Center your Passport or ID that confirms that you are a foreign citizen, then you automatically get a 10% discount voucher to spend in the store.

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