Sunday, 8 March 2015

How to buy discounted tickets at the GENEVA INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW

If you are into cars, then  the Geneva International Motor Show that takes place at the Expo close to the airport, from March 5th till March 15th  is THE Geneva event of the year ! However, also if you are not so passionate about cars , I think it's worth going there because of the great glamorous atmosphere and because it's always interesting to know what are the new car  models coming up and the new futuristic prototypes that will hit the market in few years time.
I have been there last Thursday and I love
it, especially the Ferrari area!

This blog is not about the about the Geneva International Motor Show in general, it is about how to get the entry tickets  , that normally cost 16 CHF/person, at discounted price.
There are basically two ways :

  1. The easiest is to buy the ticket directly at the Fair after 4 p.m, each day. Not everybody knows that as of 4 p.m. the entry tickets cost 8 CHF instead of 16 CHF. the Fair closes at 8 p.m. so there is plenty of time to visit it and it's much less crowded.
  2. The other way to buy discounted ticket at 40-50-60% discount is to search in , the most popular swiss website of private announces, for people selling the tickets. There are plenty of offers there so go and browse!  

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