Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to dress your home for Spring- the art of KOKEDAMA

I have recently discovered the art of Kokedama, the very original and elegant way to present plants and flowers, and I literally felt in love with it.
Kokedama comes from Koke , that  means moss and Dama that means ball, the following link explains how to do a Kokedama , however there are many tutorials on the web that you can browse to learn. 
All "ingredients " to create your Kokedama can be bought in Botanic, Schillinger,Migros Parc and any other place selling plants and gardening equipment.

I know that this art is already on fashion since at least 3-4 years, however I thought it would be interesting writing a blog about it for the ones who don't know this art.
In addition, I think that this is a very special way to decorate your home.
Last Saturday I made my very first Kokedama and I'm very proud of it. I also like the fact that , differently than other Japanese garden arts, such as the art of making bonsai, kokedama is very easy to learn and to reapply!
Dani's Kokedama

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