Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to discover a different Geneva - 7 SUNDAYS WALKING TOURS in Geneva from April 19th till October 18th- FREE

In this period I have started walking as much as I can , especially to go to the office (about 2 km far from where I live ) and I have become passionate about such "an activity".
For this reason I thought it would be worth sharing this initiative with you. The city of Geneva organizes 16 walking tours spread over 7 Sundays starting next Sunday, April 19th  until  mid October .
During the walking tours a guide explains the most important sightseeing. Tours are cultural, they are centered on different topics, such as art, nature, museums. Each tour lasts from 2 to 5 hours, tours always take place on Sundays and are for free, however enrollment is mandatory via the website. 

To have detailed information about the program and to enroll, go to the walking tour website 
Happy walking!

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