Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to enroll your kids (from 4 till 18 years old) to a great summer sport activity in Geneva -Enrollment has just started!

Each summer the City of Geneva organizes a great sport activity program for kids from 4 till 18 years old.

There are 18 sport disciplines available ; courses take place through 8 weeks from June 29th till August 23rd and several sessions are organized depending on the kids' age. Normally each course lasts  5 days for 2-3 hours a day ,costs are very affordable, each weekly session costs on average between 65 and 100 CHF per child.
Below a list of some of the available sports:

  • volleyball
  • tennis
  • water-ski
  • triathlon
  • bikecross
  • sailing
  • horse riding
  • soccer
  • athletics
  • golf
  • and many other

The full list of the  available sports can be consulted  in the Geneva City sport website . Enrollment has just opened and classes get full very soon so if you are interested enroll your child now !
In order to enroll your kid you have first to register in Geneva city website to get a user name and a password , then you have to input the age of your kid and the selected week/s when you would like to enroll him/her ; the list of available courses will be displayed based on the availability and then you will receive the  payment instruction


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