Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to enjoy the Swiss wines -part 2 - CAVE OUVERTES-OPEN CELLARS Day in Geneva area on May 30th 2015

Another fabulous not to miss and unique experience, for me this is simply a must !
This Saturday more than 90 wine producers open their cellars to the public for a never ending wine tasting tour, with many other activities and gastronomy .
The producers are mainly in the areas of Satigny, Russin, Dardagny , the atmosphere can't be described, it must be lived . For those who don't dare to go by car , shuttle buses are organized, alternatively you can go by bike

Having lived more than 10 years in Geneva , I would list this event among my favorite top 3 ones, the wines are very good and the experience it's really unforgettable , especially if the weather is nice and sunny, there is no better way to spend the day passing from one wine tasting experience to the other, meeting new people and enjoy the moment. This is also a great opportunity to discover new wines and new producers and to build a bit of stock at home :) I personally love the Gamay and the Aligote
For more information, have a look at the website , it also shows the list of areas where cellars are open and the location of teh different producers.

This week end not to miss event for kids - Open House FIREFIGHTERS - on May 29th and on May 30th in Geneva City center

This Friday and this Saturday the Geneva City Firefighters  Team  exceptionally opens its doors to children and adults who are interested to know more about the missions of these courageous people 
The teams simulate rescues in difficult conditions and their actions are projected on a gigantic screen located in Rue des Bains in Plainpalais area.
During those two  days the Firefighters station in Rue Du Bains in Plain Palais will be open and can be visited , however different areas of town are involved in the many demonstrations/shows .
To get more information about timing and locations of the special activities/events during these  two days, please have a look at the following link. 
Looking at the program, the not to miss activities take place on Friday evening and on Saturday at midday till 2 p.m., among those activities there is one that I particularly like, it is when the firefighters takes you on their elevator/stairs up to a very high level , it's called "bapteme de l'echelle" and it's very exciting!
Few years ago  I took my son to one of these open days events with Firefighters and he still remembers the great emotions of being with them learning more about their courageous lives! 
It's a unique opportunity not to be missed, last but not least all exhibitions are FREE

Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to get married in the most beautiful and romantic place in Italy -PORTOVENERE - Cinque Terre 5 hrs driving from Geneva

This village is for me the most beautiful place on earth , so I thought it would be worth sharing it with you :)
Portovenere is a beautiful medieval village on the sea just 5 -6 hrs hours driving from Geneva,it is just adjacent to Cinque Terre and actually my favorite way to visit the 5 little villages is to stop in Portovenere and take a boat from there.

What makes Portovenere unique is above all the St Peter that it's dated XXII century and it's built directly on the rocks of a small peninsula surrounded by the beautiful Ligurian sea.
This is the perfect place to get married of you are looking for something unique , unforgettable and and special !
From Geneva you drive towards Genova and then for another hour south , you exit in La Spezia and follow the  indication for Portovenere
To get all information about Portovenere including how to get married in the church just go to the official tourist office website .... or ask me... I was born in the area  :)  :)

copyright Vittorio Garatti photographer

Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to enjoy the Swiss wines - CAVE OUVERTES- OPEN CELLARS week end in VAUD on May 23rd and 24th

This week end it's the Open Cellars week end in VAUD , more than 300 cellars open their doors to the public and offer their best wines tasting and other gastronomic experiences
To access to the free wine testing it's needed to buy the "Open Cellar a Passport"  that costs 15 CHF/persona and can be bought in any of the cellars. Shuttle buses run between the cellars of a given districts, the full program including the list of the cellars is available on the website

How to live in the Middle Age - LE GRANDES MEDIEVALES D'Andilly -20 min from Geneva -on May 23rd, 24th, 25th and on May 30th -31st

This is one of the Top Not To Miss Events of the year, especially if you like Medieval and if you have kids.
The Medieval Festival , Les Grandes Medievales that takes place in Andilly (20 minutes driving from Geneva direction Annecy) on May 23rd, 24th and 25th and on May 30th and 31st  cannot be described, it must be experienced!!
During these days a very large forest area becomes the theater of  more than 30 events per day including equestrian tournaments, fighting,birds of prey, circus, animals shows and so on
More than 500 artists and several thousands of visitors a day, the forest shows the life how it used to be in the Middle age   
Walking through the immense forest you will meet artisans, shopkeepers , weapon people, troubadours  and acrobats, fairies and sorcerers and many more attractions.
The program is extremely rich of events , most of them are run several times a day to allow all visitors to enjoy them. The Festival opens in teh morning and closes in the night

Night shows are spectacular too. Tickets can be bought on line and family tickets are available
It's simply MAGIC and worth the price of the ticket that is not cheap , anyhow tickets includeswo aht More than 500 artists and several thousands of visitors a day, the forest shows the life how it used to be in the Middle age

How to get the freshest fruits and vegetables picked by yourself LA FRAISIERE -Meyrin- SEASON STARTED on May 19th!

Have you  have ever dreamed to pick yourself the freshest  seasonal fruit and vegetable ?
In Geneva you can do it, just to to the Ferme de la Feullasse  also called la Fraisiere , in Meyrin, close to Geneva airport , you get there and have access to their fields and you can collect as many strawberries, raspberries, blueberries as you can , you can collect also vegetables , it all depends on the season so don't expect to collect strawberries in August !
The farm is open from May  till October/November and it's closed on Sundays , at the end of your pick you get the amount picked weight and you are charged  based on the pricelist.
We went there a couple of times and always loved it , especially my son who never had that experience before ,it is  a great way to spend your Saturday with your family in an unconventional way.
Dani's advice: 

My son and husband collecting raspberry last summer
  1. Before going check on the website that the place is open and which fruits and vegetables can be picked 
  2. Go with rainboots or shoes suitable to walk on the muds/fields and with practical and inexpensive clothes that you don't mind to damage with fruit/vegetables spots that are very difficult to be removed
  3. Go there early morning on Saturdays , ideally before 10-10.30 a.m. so to find the best choice to pick
Below a a picture of our last raspberry picking adventure and of the Raspberry Cake that my husband made afterwards !
If you want the recipe of the Crostata di lamponi please let me know
my husband's raspberry cake 

Friday, 15 May 2015

How to enjoy a "night at the Museum". The MUSEUMS NIGHT , on May 16th 29 Museums in Geneva open their doors FREE ENTRY

This event takes place once a year in Geneva, this year it's on Saturday May 16th . On that night and on the following day , 29  Museums in Geneva are open until midnight and offer free entry!
The list of Museums can be found on the website of the Geneva Museums Night , each Museum organizes special events and animations.
A pass of 10 CHF per person is on sale at the Payot book stores or at the Tourist Offices , the pass includes free shuttle buses that link the different Museums and access to the special animations, however the entry to the Museums if free for all.
The list of the 29 Museums includes not only all the most famous Museums in Geneva but also those ones that are not always open, therefore this is an unique opportunity not to be missed .
Thousands of people participates to the Museums Night, so on that night the entire city is very lively and the atmosphere is definitively very special !

Thursday, 7 May 2015

How to enjoy the renewed OLD TOWN LIBRARY - Bibliotheque de la Cite' May 9th from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. FREE

The Bibliotheque de la Cite'  located in the heart of Geneva Old Town , re-opens after a long period of renovation works, on May 9th.
The opening day is full of activities for kids and adults , such as exhibitions , concerts, dancing, theater, guided tours for all ages , many  workshops for kids and a lot of other interesting things to do

Worth spending few hours if you have planned to stay in town.Click on the link above for teh full program (in French)