Wednesday, 27 May 2015

This week end not to miss event for kids - Open House FIREFIGHTERS - on May 29th and on May 30th in Geneva City center

This Friday and this Saturday the Geneva City Firefighters  Team  exceptionally opens its doors to children and adults who are interested to know more about the missions of these courageous people 
The teams simulate rescues in difficult conditions and their actions are projected on a gigantic screen located in Rue des Bains in Plainpalais area.
During those two  days the Firefighters station in Rue Du Bains in Plain Palais will be open and can be visited , however different areas of town are involved in the many demonstrations/shows .
To get more information about timing and locations of the special activities/events during these  two days, please have a look at the following link. 
Looking at the program, the not to miss activities take place on Friday evening and on Saturday at midday till 2 p.m., among those activities there is one that I particularly like, it is when the firefighters takes you on their elevator/stairs up to a very high level , it's called "bapteme de l'echelle" and it's very exciting!
Few years ago  I took my son to one of these open days events with Firefighters and he still remembers the great emotions of being with them learning more about their courageous lives! 
It's a unique opportunity not to be missed, last but not least all exhibitions are FREE

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