Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How to see eagles and condors at 40 minutes from Geneva - LES AIGLES DU LEMAN -Sciez -open until August 30th

Le parc de les aigles du Leman  is one of my favorite attractions in Geneva area and it's  a not to miss place if you have kids. It's a natural park that hosts more than 150 species of eagles and raptor including the 5 biggest ones in the world.

The park is in Sciez on the way to Thonon Les Bains, at about 40 minutes driving from Geneva , it is open  7 days a week from end of May till end of August , opening hours vary depending on the day, during week ends the park opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m.
You can easily spend the full day there because there are 6 shows  planned every day at different timings  , among which my favorite one is the Lord of Heaven when eagles and other raptors fly above visitors 'head in a spectacular way.

Other shows include a great knights tournaments , the legend of D'Artagnan and the art of falconry
The park has a restaurant where you can eat and many walking itinerary where you can see other animals and hundreds of different birds.

It's simply fantastic and worth the visit . Tickets are reasonable too , the entry ticket for the morning costs 8 Euro for kids and 10 Euro for the adults  ; afternoon tickets are slightly more expensive (11 Euro and 13 Euro respectively) because it's when the most famous shows take place.

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