Saturday, 18 July 2015

How to go from Geneva to Milan and Italy (Aosta, Turin, Parma,Florence ,Sicily) by BUS, new service in place , from 29 CHF one way

To go to Italy from Geneva has never been so easy and cheap, a NEW connection has recently been put in place , it links Geneva with most of Italian cities such as Aosta, Milan, Turin, Parma, Bologna, Florence, and many other places in the center and South of Italy up to Sicily).
The Buses of the Eurolines  Company leave on a daily bases from Genev Bus Station that is located in PLace Dorciere 5 ,1201 Geneve, this square it's between the Train Station and the lake , 5 minutes walk from MontBlanc Bridge . One way trip to Turin or Milan costs 29 CHF, which is much less than the amount you would pay by train.
Note however that the bus is much longer than the train,, it takes 7.5 hours to go from Geneva to Milan, while the train trip lasts less than 4 hours with the fastest train.
Before booking, check the areas where the bus will stop at your destination city , in some cases the arrival point is not in the city center so you will have to plan a taxi ride to get to your hotel or to the center.
Tickets can be bought on line , by phone or at the Eurolines travel office , in Rue de Mont Blanc 14, 1201 Geneva, just few minutes walk after the Mont Blanc Bridge, direction train station.
Last but not least, Eurobus Company links Geneva with many other European Countries  so when visiting the website you will find many more destinations.
There is another Bus company that has started a similar service, it's called iBUS  , check timetable and prices on their website.

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