Monday, 24 August 2015

How to learn everything about bats ; Geneva BATS NIGHT for adults and kids as of 6 years old on August 28th

Like every year also this year the Bats Night takes place in more than 50 locations in Switzerland .
In Geneva the Bats night is planned on August 28th at the Museum of Natural History in Rte de Malagnou n.1  in Geneva Champel from 8p.m. till 11.30 p.m.
© 2015 Natural History Museum, Geneva

The event is free of charge and anybody can attend, children are allowed as of 6 years old accompanied by an adult.During the Bats night , scientists and experts of these protected mammals guide the public through a night tour around the park of the museum to discover how bats live and fly and how to recognize them via the bat detectors.
During that nights many activities are organized in the museum, all around these animals.
If your kids like bats then I would definitively recommend this event; I took my son there a couple of years ago ; he loved it and I found the Bats night very well organized , we saw bats and enjoyed the explanations of the experts (watchout all activities are  in French)
Definitively something your kids will remember.
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