Thursday, 11 August 2016

The millions lights feast in Portovenere to celebrate the Madonna Bianca (Our White Lady) -on August 17th

 I have already talked in past posts about Portovenere   UNESCO World Heritage Site, just before the 5 Terre because I think that this Medieval village is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a perfect combination of natural beauty, landscape and historical architecture,

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If you are in the area or just  happens that you will pass nearby to reach your final holiday destination or  to go back to Geneva then you shouldn't miss tomorrow's feast of Madonna Bianca (Our Lady White). On this occasion the village and it's worldwide famous symbol, the Church of Saint Peter is illuminated by the warm light of many thousands candles which turn it into a unrepeatable show!

This feast attracts many thousands visitor for its uniqueness and for it's breathtaking atmosphere ; the feast has very ancient traditions, it celebrate a miracle that took place back in 1399 ,the White Madonna painting it is told to be dated 1200 and it arrived to the village transported by the sea inside a trunk of cedar from Lebanon.

If you plan to go there, the best way is to stay in La Spezia and buy a return ticket by ferryboat from La Spezia pier , on the way back the ferry brings visitors to a short tour outside St Peter Church to show the unique lights spectacle from the sea.

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