Thursday, 22 October 2015

How discover the Aosta Valley 's most ancient traditions ; THE BLACK BREAD Festival on October 24th and 25th

This week end is a very special one for the Aosta Valley. It's the week end of the Black Bread Festival that celebrates one of the oldest traditions of the valley.
During this week end the public oven of 50 Villages will be open to the public to cook the black bread. This bread used to be prepared and baked once a year by the families living in the valley. Each family could use the communal oven and bake an amount of bread that would last many months and feed the family.
 Picture of an ancient oven  from Valle D'Aosta official website

The black bread is made with wheat and rye and enriched with nuts and other ingredients from the valley, it could be eaten fresh or dry and it lasted many months. At the moment of eating it was cut using a special equipment and put in milk or in the hot water together with meat.

During this week end in each of the 50 villages the ancient oven from the past centuries will be open and activated again and through the entire weekend many activities will be organized, all around the black bread.

In particular, for bike lovers, a mountain bike tour is organized to visit the most beautiful ovens by bike  . The tour costs 30 euro/person and it inlcudes the tasting of different products of the valley , it can be booked on the following website

The best way to plan your weekend is to consult the black bread festival website and select the villages that participate to this initiative to know the specific activities planner there.

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