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How to skate on the lakes - the 4 FROZEN LAKES in Switzerland where it is possible to walk, skate and much more !

I 'm writing this article because , even if I live in Switzerland since more than 10 years , I have to admit that   didn't know that it was possible to walk and skate on the lakes . Since my childhood  I've always dreamed about walking on the frozen lakes and so I decided to share this "discovery" with you.
people enjoying the frozen lake in the valle du Joux -

 4 Swiss lakes offer this possibility , and actually many winter sports can be played on the frozen lakes, including cross-country skiing , curling , ice hockey and ...yachting!. 
Outdoors and  settings are sumptuous and the experience must be unforgettable, I definitively plan to try it this winter . Watch out : there is no supervision so the access is the responsibility of everyone. Important: please check websites and weather conditions before going, you might go and then discover that  the lake is not frozen and therefore not accessible.
Here is the list of the 4 lakes, in order of dimension of the surfaces.

image of the lake fr Joux from
Lac de Joux, Le Pont (VD)
In the heart of the Joux Valley, this is the largest natural ice rink in Europe. A giant playground of a surface of 9.5 km2 that it’s open in January and February , however opening season might vary depending on snow conditions. Many winter sports can be played on the lake, worth trying

ChampexLac (VS)
At the foot of the Mont-Blanc sits a beautiful alpine lake that borders the Champex station. This "little Canada in Switzerland" is the delight of skaters, sometimes until April.  1.2 km2 

Lac des Taillères, La Brévine (NE)
Between pastures and snowy pine forests, Lake Taillères in winter it becomes the place of wild slides of Neuchâtel Opening timing are from November till February , the area is 2km2

Black Lake, Schwarzsee (FR)
Adjacent to the resort center and easily accessible, the romantic Black Lake is nestled at the foot of the Fribourg Alps. It’s open from December till March , the area is  0.45 km2

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