Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The SOUND and LIGHT SHOWS comes back at the Parc des Bastions from Nov 2nd till Nov 20 - 3 shows per day FREE entry

This is one of my favorite shows in Geneva , it's absolutely outstanding, touching, glamorous, unforgettable .... and it's for free!
The shows comes back , finally after having skipped last year appointment, the lights and music will perform at their very best on the Uni Bastions unique background, in the Parc des Bastions in the heart of Geneva.
There will be  three shows per day starting at 5.45 p.m., at 7 p.m. and at 8 p.m.; each show will last 20 minutes
A not to be missed appointment !!!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to enroll your kid (and yourself) in a Ski club to become a great skier . The 16 SKI CLUBS in Geneva - Time to enroll for the season is NOW

The ski season is about to start and I know that many parents are keen to get their children and themselves  up to speed with skiing. This post is for all those ones who , like me, have decided not to rent a chalet or an apartment in a ski resort  during winter and therefore are looking for organized ski activities to enroll during the weekends .

I would advice you to consult this post by looking first to those ski clubs that are located close to/in the district where you live , because it can be more practical to enroll and to go to the appointments on Saturdays or on Sundays early morning to catch their bus departing towards the ski resorts.
Last but not least, although I didn't specifically mentioned it ,many , not to say all ski clubs offer courses and lessons in many disciplines, not only Nordic skiing,  including snowboard, cross country skiing, snowshoeing  and many others, so worth definitively checking their website,.

The Ski Club De Geneve  : enrollment opens on October 1st  is my favorite one, in the sense that I have direct experience of what they offer , in fact I have enrolled my 9 years old son in the last 2 ski seasons and I've already enrolled him also for this year. Enrollment is open as of Oct 1st and kids do not have to attend all sessions so parents will pay only the ones that have been booked . Each session costs 50CHF (65CHF for not members) I would recommend to pay  membership fees, it only costs 40CHF and it's pay out already after 3 sessions. I think the team is fantastic, they take care about children very well, in fact parents bring kids at the meeting point at Bout Du Monde at 7.30 a.m. every Saturday and are back at 6.30 p.m. after having spent a day skiing in the area of Saint Gervais in France .
The Skiclub offers also a large variety of  activities for adults including snowboards, snowshoes excursions, week ends and week camps for kids during school holidays.

Ecole Suisse de ski e snowboard,  enrollment already open offers a large variety of courses to adults and kids. It is possible to get private lessons starting from 80 CHF/hr (1-2 person) prices/hour decrease with the increase of the hours booked. The school also offers  group lessons , the full course of 6 lessons in a group every  Saturday or Sunday costs 650 CHF for kids under 17th years old , the course starts on January 14th  and ends at the beginning of March .Lessons are given in Les Brasses,a small skiresort at only 30 minutes from Geneva.Besides ski, the school organizes also many other activities such as gym courses to prepare for skiing, and night excursions by snowshoes and sledges.  Ecole De Ski de Geneve

The ski club de Meyrin offers a very broad program for this winter. It includes full days skiing  on Saturdays for adults in different ski resorts in the nearby France , excursions take place on Saturdays starting on December 20th , each day costs 50 CHF per adult and 15 CHF per child accompanied by an adult, they include transport by bus and ski lessons. Many other activities are also organized including snowshoes excursions and week ends, ski camps and so on.The ski club also organizes full days courses for  kids only, they take place on Saturday and are open to kids from 8 till 15 years old,  the course consists in 5 Saturdays starting from January 17th and it costs 185 CHF  all included (transport, ski pass, ski lessons and lunch ).Priority is given to kids resident in Meyrin, however  everybody can enroll , enrollment must be done before December 12th 2014.

The skiclub de Bernex offers like the one of Meyrin a very large variety of excursions for ski, snowboard, snowhoes , they starts as of mid  December , the program also  includes excursions on Wednesdays for kids as of 4 years accompanied by an adult , and full day excursions for kids as of 8 years old, in different ski resorts .Courses for kids start on Janary 10th and cost 45 CHF each including  transport and ski lessons.Enrollment is open since November 16th  

The Ski Club Esperance ; this club based in Eaux Vives  has a great program of ski courses for adults and children at extremely good prices , the courses take place on Sundays from December till April, in many different ski resorts in nearby France. Bus departs from Carouge , bus transport , ski pass  and ski lessons are included. the enrollment can be made up to few days before if there places are still available. Enrollment has to be made at the club offices or in some of the affiliate sport shops in town. Private lessons are also available , the cost starts at 60 CHF for 2 hours.

The Ski club de Meinier has a great ski courses program at extremely good prices , they organize half day ski excursions on Wednesdays for adults and kids as of 4 years old , kids older than 7 years old do not need to be accompanied by an adult . They also have daily excursions on Saturdays for ski/snowboards and on Sundays they organize days out with snowshoes. Daily excursions leave early morning from Meinier and cost 25 CHF for kids, snowshoes excursions cost 60 CHF/person. Enrollment can take place even few day before the excursion, provided there are places available.

The ski club international de Geneve offers one day excursions in many different ski resorts  every Saturday and or Sunday starting from beginning of December till the end of April . Excursions leave at 7.30 a.m. in Place des Nations and have different costs depending whether lessons are or not included .The program of the ski club includes weekends, full week skiing and many other activities such as  full days out with a guide , enrollment can be made even  few days before the excursion , provided places are available.

The Ski Club de Lancy offers a variety of options for adults and kids, this includes ski, snowboard, snowshoes , night skiing and so on. Daily excursion costs 70 CHF per day for kids and 82CHF for adults, including transport and ski lessons, a discount is applied in case you enroll to many excursions. The bus leaves from Grand Lancy and from Petit Lancy  , enrollment has to be done via the great and easy to navigate website.

The Ski Club D'Onex  offers a great program for adults and kids that includes gym classes, snowboard, freestyle, ski, snowshoes excursions and so on . Ski courses for kids take place on Wednesdays and on Saturdays, 5 daily trips to different ski resorts cost 372 CHF /kid , all included, they starts as of January 10th important: enrollment will be open on December 9th in the offices of the ski club. Please consider that these activities get fully booked very fast so worth planning in advance.

The CERN Skiclub  has more than 1000 members, it is open to everybody and it’s very well organized , it offers a variety of options , mainly for adults , for skiing, snowboard, cross country skiing, snowshoes , and so on, activities take place on Saturdays and on Sundays , they include ski lessons or just ski pass and transport to the most famous ski resorts in the French area. The costs for 5 daily ski excursions start at 223 Euro for children and 266 for adults. Bus departs from Cern area, all information are available on the website, enrollment is already open and some of the courses are already fully booked.

The Ski Club des Grottes offers daily excursions on Saturdays to the ski resorts of Flaine and or Saint Gervais for kids and adults, each excursion costs 40 CHF for kids and 60 CHF for adults and it includes transport,ski pass and ski lesson. Excursions start on January 10th, the bus departs from Rte de Montbrillant , for more information contact them via the website.

Ski Club Amis des Carroz  organizes ski courses for kids and adults in the ski resort of Le Carroz in neaby France, 5 full day sessions take place on Sundays as of January 4th  and they cost 260 CHF for kids  and 330 CHF for adults, transport is not included/nor organized so these courses are ideal for the ones who go anyhow skiing in that ski resorts. Enrollment starts as of November 26th in the Piscine de Vernets, please check website for more information.

The Ski Club des Amis Montagnards de Geneve offers several activities about snowboards,ski, excursions with snowshoes and others, for kids and adults, its offices are based in Avenue du Petit Lancy 54a in Petit Lancy . The best is to call or go there on Tuesdays evening after 7 p.m. to ask for more information.

The Ski Club Les Bouquetins  offers daily excursions on Saturdays and on Sundays  to the ski resorts of Les Gets , the bus leaves at 7.30 a.m. from a parking in Bernex –Confignon area. To have more details on the many activities offered, please contact the skiclub directly via the website, enrollment has already started.

The Ski Club Evasion  organizes several activities and daily excursions for adults and kids, with or without ski lessons the program starts on December 13th with a day ski equipment testing .Go on their website for more information 

The Ski Club Stella Alpina  This Geneva based ski club offers several activities, including night skiing and night snowshoes excursions, the best is to get in contact with them directly via their website.

How to learn the art of doing MOZZARELLA - the PICCOLO CASARO :workshop for kids -age 6 to 10 years old - on September 28th from 3.30 p.m.

This great workshop will explain the art of doing Mozzarella cheese to kids from  6 to 10 years old ; it will take place this Wednesday September 28th from 3.30 p.m.   at the Laitieres Reunies in Chemine Des Aulx 6 in Plan Les Ouates 
The workshop will last about 2.5 hours and a little participation fee is requested, it is  lead by Casa Mozzarella , the Masters in doing this delicious cheese !

To have more information please contact the number in the below flyer or write to

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

CAR FREE Sunday - the Mont Blanc Bridge becomes a gigantic picnic place on September 25th from 10 a.m.

If you are in town this week end , then come and see a Mont Blanc Bridge as you have never seen ! On Sunday Sept 25th , the bridge and the nearby area will be completely closed to traffic from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. and will become the background for picnic, relaxing activities, open air brunches and much more

During the day it will be possible to test different sports and join many activities for adults and children, all for free. It will be possible to buy snacks from the many different food trucks and eat on the benches that will be places all along the bridge and the surrounding districts.
The full program is published on the Geneva City website

Sunday, 18 September 2016

How to enjoy wifi connection for free in Geneva 78 FREE WIFI ACCESS POINTS

If you come to Geneva to visit family and friends  there are 78 FREE ACCESS WIFI points in town , basically almost everywhere . The free access is offered by the city of Geneva , la Ville de Geneve ; to connect it's quite easy , you just have to select the Ville de Geneve wifi, input your mobile and receive a code to access
Enjoy the free internet , it works very well !!
More info on where the access points are located can be found in this website
maps of the free wifi locations in Geneva copyright

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How to spend a week end in Italy : the beautiful Antique Market Fair in SARZANA 5 hrs driving from Geneva- until August 21st

If you are looking for a very special way to spend a long week end , or if you are already in the Liguria area, close to 5 Terre , then I would strongly advice you to visit Sarzana' s yearly antique market street fair called  "La soffitta nella Strada"

The fair takes place , as every year , in the beautiful narrow streets of the historical center of Sarzana, from August 6th till August 21st. Sarzana is a medioeval town located in liguria, 5-6 hrs driving from Geneva, between Genoa and Pisa. 

The antique market is is a multi-faced market  where you can find good bargains, vintage objects and very ancient furniture, jewelry, laces, clothes, carpets and much more....

The stalls open every day at 4 p.m. and close after midnight; the little town is  full of history and very charming ; there are plenty of little restaurants serving the typical food of the area at very reasonable prices. My personal suggestion would be to go there at around 7 p.m. and sit in one of the  trendy bars of the city center to taste an Italian aperitifs and to enjoy the crowded and colorful atmosphere.
If you are passionate about high value antique objects, then you should also visit the Antique National Exhibition that takes place in parallel to the street fair  inside the beautiful medieval fortress  the Fortezza Firmafede in the heart of town.  The fortress was built by Lorenzo de Medici , the Magnificent  in 1488 and it's by itself worth a visit!

Fortezza Firmafede in the heart of Sarzana 
Sarzana's night antique fair -copyright
 To have more information on how to reach the beautiful little town of Sarzana, visit the official website
The area is plenty of interesting things to see, Pisa is 50 km away and the 5 Terre are 20 km far.
If you go to Sarzana,do not miss a visit to the Gemmi Pastry shop in the main pedestrian street, one of the most famous historical shop of the Region. From the pastry shop go upstairs and enjoy a dinner in the beautiful historical  Loggiato restaurant

The millions lights feast in Portovenere to celebrate the Madonna Bianca (Our White Lady) -on August 17th

 I have already talked in past posts about Portovenere   UNESCO World Heritage Site, just before the 5 Terre because I think that this Medieval village is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a perfect combination of natural beauty, landscape and historical architecture,

copyright alfredopepe

If you are in the area or just  happens that you will pass nearby to reach your final holiday destination or  to go back to Geneva then you shouldn't miss tomorrow's feast of Madonna Bianca (Our Lady White). On this occasion the village and it's worldwide famous symbol, the Church of Saint Peter is illuminated by the warm light of many thousands candles which turn it into a unrepeatable show!

This feast attracts many thousands visitor for its uniqueness and for it's breathtaking atmosphere ; the feast has very ancient traditions, it celebrate a miracle that took place back in 1399 ,the White Madonna painting it is told to be dated 1200 and it arrived to the village transported by the sea inside a trunk of cedar from Lebanon.

If you plan to go there, the best way is to stay in La Spezia and buy a return ticket by ferryboat from La Spezia pier , on the way back the ferry brings visitors to a short tour outside St Peter Church to show the unique lights spectacle from the sea.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to explore Geneva by bike - get a bike for 4 hrs FOR FREE from May till October in 7 pick up points in town

If you want to explore Geneva in an unconventional way or simply if you need to move around in the city and do not want to walk or take a bus , this service , offered by the city of Geneva, provides you with a  BIKE for 4 hrs FREE of charge

There are 7 points in town where you can borrow a bike for Free for up to 4 hrs (2CHF/hr any  additional hour) :
  • Place Montbrillant 17, 1201 Genève (behind the main  train station)
  • Ruelle des Templiers 4, 1207 Genève (area Terrassière)
  • Avenue Vaudagne 1, 1217 Meyrin
  • Le quai du Mont-Blanc close by Bains de Paquis
  • La Plaine de Plainpalais
  • Place du Rhône
  • Place de l'Octroi, Carouge
In order to borrow a bike you have to leave a deposit of 20CHF and a n identity document , both will be given back when you bring back the bike.
More information can be found on the geneveroule website; the same areas offers also bike rental at very low charges (staring from 12 CHF/day) ; many types of bikes can be rented , including mountain bikes, sport bikes and  and electric ones

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

FREE ENTRANCE at PATEK PHILIPPE MUSEUM this Weekend "Portes Ouvertes "on May 21st and 22nd

one of the watches exposed in the Museum
I have talked in another blog about one of my favorite Museum in Geneva, the Patek Philipe Museum.

This Saturday May 21st th and Sunday May 22nd , the Museum open its doors to all watch lovers and the entrance is FREE!

It's a Not to miss opportunity to see the spectacular watch collection and to get a free guided tour to discover the Museum best masterpieces.
The Museum is located in Geneva center, in the  Plainpalais distric, in Rue des Vieux Grenadier 7 , see the website to get more details about the two days event.

watches at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva

Saturday, 16 April 2016

For DOGS LOVERS : Dogs advice day on Saturday April 23rd in Geneva Plainpalais square from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. Free entry

All dogs lovers will certainly be interested in this initiative that will take  place in Geneva Plainpalais square next Saturday April 23rd from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. There will be experts, veterinarians , dog trainers who will give dog owners  advice on all the topic that they are interested in
Go and bring your dog too!  Many activities are planned for your dogs, free entry
More info on this website

Thursday, 14 April 2016

How to live like the ancient Romans and Egyptians did . La NUIT ANTIQUE in the Parc Des Bastions as of April 15th at 6p.m.

Have you always wanted to see how the ancient Romans and Egyptians lived ? If you want to offer this unique experience to your kids , then plan a trip to the Parc Des Bastions , in the heart of Geneva this Friday as of 6 p.m. or this Saturday from 11 .am. till 6 p.m.
There will be plenty of activities for adults and kids, all around  the way these populations used to live.  The Parc will be turned into an ancient village where it will be possible to see several activities as they used to be performed at that times. This includes coin producing, vase factories, writing on clay tables and so on.
The program of the two days is full of activities: lectures, plays , guided tours are planned for the adults as well as kids entertainments such as treasure hunt, introduction to archaeology and possibility to dress as the Romans did .
There will be the possibility to eat typical food cocked like the ancient did .
The full program is on the Nuit Antique website , there is also a map with the places where the key activities will be planned. This event is open to everybody , worth seeing it!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The 2016 - TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL in Geneva on April 27th and on April 30th for kids 4-7 years old

If you have kids between 4 and 7 years old then you shouldn't miss this fantastic event that takes places in Geneva every year and attracts many thousands of kids.

The Teddy Bear Hospital  (Hopital de Nounours) took place for the first time in 2007 and it's already at its 10th edition.
The objective of this event is to let the kids discover the Hospital in a fun and original way to help them to manage the worries and fears that sometimes they have about this place.
The association organizing the event has put in place a " dummy hospital " with all main department s and functions. Kids arrive there with their favorite stuffed animal who they pretend is suffering of a certain disease ;when they are welcomed at the "hospital reception" they explain  the illness for which they would like their teddy bear to be treated (it can be for example a broken leg, a stomach ache, a heart surgery and so on )
Kids then are shown the real process to take in charge and treat  "the patient" depending on the chosen sickness.
photo by Florentin Cuony

The dummy hospital has many departments, including one about prevention that explains the importance of distinguish between drugs and candies in a funny way, tailored to the kids' age.
photo by Florentin Cuony

The Teddy Bear Hospital is open on Wednesday April 27th  from 1 p.m. till 5 p.m. and on Saturday April 30th from 9a.m. till 5 p.m. ; the event location is the Community Hall Faubourg, Rue des Terreaux du Temple 8, 1201 Geneva ,more information on the website.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Make your kid a great Pizza Maker -ATELIER PIZZA at LUIGIA 's on April 6th from 3p.m. till 5.30p.m. for kids 6-10 years old

What a great opportunity for your kids to learn how make the real Neapolitan Pizza at Luigia's,  the coolest and most famous pizzeria in Geneva !
The Piccolo Pizzaiolo is a great Pizza Atelier for kids from 6 till 10 years old , organized by the "Gruppo Genitori Ginevra" who promotes Italian culture , language and traditions , note however this atelier is open to all kids, not only to the Italian ones :) !
This great atelier will take place at Luigia 's in Rue A. Lachenal 24 , 1207 Geneva on April 6th from 3 till 5.30 p.m. ; its costs is about 15 CHF/child , a discount is applied for the members of the association. At the end of the atelier , kids will certainly eat their creations and will receive a T-shirt to remember this experience.
Worth going! There is a limited number of seats available and booking is required at or at 0796280347

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to enjoy Italy's largest Fair : St. Joseph 's Fair in La Spezia - over 650 stalls and great bargains March 18th -20th

This is an original way to spend a week end in La Spezia , the gate to 5 Terre, 5 -6 hours driving  from Geneva, visiting the St Joseph's Fair, the largest in Italy with over 650 stalls that takes place every year in honor of the Saint patron of the town, this year the Fair takes place from March 18th till March 20th .
It will take almost one full day to see all stalls , it is several kms if you put one after the other. You can find and buy everything at the fair and make great bargain especially in clothes, leather handbags and many other leather items such as jackets, wallets, shoes, all type of household articles , and so on.
view of the stalls

La Spezia waterfront where the Fair is installed

Most stalls sell high quality products , and quite many sell branded clothes at extremely low prices (-50%-70% retail price) because either they come directly from Italian factories or are from the past season.

Many stalls are on the beautiful La Spezia seaside promenade so while you browse for bargains you can also enjoy the view and the sea breeze. 
I would definitively recommend to go there, however if you go plan your trip in advance and ensure you find an hotel in the city center because the Fair paralyzes the town and it's impossible to move around by car.

La Spezia is the starting point to visit 5 Terre so you can spend one day  in town and one day visiting the beautiful 5 villages on the sea, one of the most beautiful Unesco Heritage.

Here is useful addresses: La Spezia Tourist Office  .

Friday, 11 March 2016

For the Chocolate Lovers -FESTICHOC, Chocolate Festival , in Versoix on March 12th and 13th -FREE entry

I love this Chocolate Festival ,also called Festichoc that takes place each year in few weeks before Easter in the Espace Lachenal in Versoix, 15 minutes drive from Geneva  ! I'm sure that you will love it too, this Festival hosts 25+ Chocolate producers that exhibit and sale their productions in the course of the two days.
chocolate sculptures at Festichoc from
This year the Festival starts this Saturday , March 12th at 10a.m. and ends on Sunday at 5 p.m.; the program is full of interesting events such as chocolate cooking classes, chocolate sculptures and chocolate workshops for kids.The most interesting activity is the visit of Favarger Chocolate factory that can be reached from the festival via  the "Chocolate touristic train".
The Festival is free of charge, to visit to the Faverger factory costs 10 CHF/person and it's free for children under 12 years old; children's workshops cost 7 CHF/child.
A great way to spend some hours this week end , worth going!
Festichoc Logo

Saturday, 27 February 2016

How to sell your bike and buy a new one - the SECOND HAND GENEVA BIKES MARKETS -once a month starting on March 12th

The Geneva second hand BIKES MARKETS take place once a month in several places in Geneva , the first one will take place on Saturday March 12th in Saint Jean, on the square close to the Maison De Quartier , Chemin Francois Furet 8 1203 Geneve.
If you want to sell your bike bring it between 10 a.m.and 11.30 a.m., if you want to buy one go there between 11.30 a.m. and 2p.m.
The other dates of the second hand Bike Markets are the following ones:

  • on April 27th in HUG (Geneva Hospital square) from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m.
  • on May 3rd at Uni Mail (Bl. C. Vogt, Plainpalais) from 10a.m. till 3 p.m.
  • on May 29th in Carouge -behind the Temple Square from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
  • on June 11th at Grottes same timing
  • on Sept 22nd at Uni Mail same timing

Te member of Pro velo can access the sale 30 minutes earlier . On those days it's also possible to get your bike repaired by qualified experts.
More info on the provelo website

photo Greg Clement

Saturday, 20 February 2016

For mysteries lovers:the Mechanism of Antikythera, the astronomic calculator -free exhibition until March 3rd at the University of Geneva

If , like me, you like mysteries , then do not miss this free exhibition that takes place in the Exhibition Hall of the University of Geneva in Bld C. Vogt every day from Monday till Friday from 7.30 a.m. till 7 p.m.
The Antikythera Mechanism is consider the first analog computer in the world and it has a fascinating story. In 1900, the sponge divers discovered near the Greek island of Antikythera, an ancient wreck that sank towards 70 av. BC The ship was carrying a very heavy load of works of art and luxury objects , some of these were fragments of a strange astronomical mechanism in bronze. It included dozens of gears and arranged on several levels, the extraordinary thing about this object is that it was able to predicts the earth and moon movements and eclipses with a technology that was thought to have been invented in the Renaissance (!) . How this mechanism was created is a mystery that hasn't yet been solved ...
 A model of the mechanism and computer reconstructions complete the exhibition , free guided tours are available in French every day ,from 12.15 p.m. till 1 p.m.; visits have to be booked online.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Get your guests (family/friends) a Geneva private tour in their home language for FREE - the GENEVA GREETERS association

Have you just arrived in Geneva or do you have friends and family coming over and willing to explore the city ?
Now it is possible to get a private and FREE of charge  2-4 hours tour by someone who knows the city well and who talk your language (although this is not granted, it depends if they have a guide who speaks your language ) to explore the city's hidden gems and key monuments!
All you have to do is to get in contact with the Geneva Greeters association    and send your request  via the website specifying the date and number of people who will be joining (up to a max. of 6 ) and the ideal length of the tour, then just enjoy the experience!
The Geneva Greeters is an association of volunteers who offer this great service for FREE ; Geneva greeters are private people who live in the city and have a passion for  showing its beauty to tourists or anybody interested in it .

 a Geneva greeter who explains the host the Museum Ethnographie  copyright

The greeter will decide the tour, so you have just to follow him/her and live the experience, however you can find useful information about possible tours in the website.
Geneva greeters is an association sponsored by the Geneva Tourist office, and at the moment teh greeters are about 20,  in the website you will find all information in case you would like to become one of the greeters .
Worth trying to have a tour !

Friday, 12 February 2016

St Valentine 's CRUISE on the Geneva lake-dinner included - depart from Geneva at 8 p.m.-places still available

I think that his is a very nice way to celebrate the lovers' day .
This romantic cruise is organized by the CGN , Compagnie General de Navigation , it departs from Geneva at 8p.m. and returns at 11p.m.; it costs 250 CHF per couple and includes a very special St Valentine menu
On line booking at the CGN website

How to sleep in an IGLOO -unique experience on the mountains -Chamonix 1 hr driving from Geneva until April 9

If you want to live an unforgettable experience, you should definitively try this one. 
The trip last 1.5 days and can be organized any day of the week, the experience starts at about 4 p.m. of day 1 at Chamonix train station where visitors get on the special train that brings them to the Mer De Glace ,the largest Glacier in Europe. The day continues with an aperitif and the discovery of the igloos , then visitors wear snowshoes to reach the historic restaurant of the Glacier to take a typical dinner . After an unforgettable night in the igloos (7sqm) , on day 2 they have the opportunity to admire the dawn and to have a nice breakfast before visiting the Ice Cave and returning home.
Reservation has to be done online, prices vary based o the period, starting at 124Euro per person per nigh

The fabulous igloos

Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to find Venice in Annecy - ANNECY VENETIAN CARNIVAL from February 16th till February 21st

In one of posts I talked about the beauty of the Carnival of Venice, however if you don't have time to go that far , there is a very simple way to enjoy the Venetian Carnival atmosphere.
It is enough to take your car and drive for 30-40 minutes to arrive in the beautiful small town of Annecy, also called the little Venice ,because its historical center is surrounded by canals .

Every year in Annecy la Carnival of Venice takes place in small scale, in fact  many hundreds of beautiful masks walk in the center giving the visitors the impression to be in the real Venice; it is an event free of charge and definitively worth going to admire masks that are as beautiful as the Venetian ones !
And, like for the Carnival of Venice , the best thing to do it's to just walk around the narrow streets of the historical city center and with the mindset to live the moment.
The Carnival of Annecy takes place from Feb 16th till Feb 21st , however masks are walking around only as of Feb 19th , so Feb 19-21st are the core days of this event.

Definitively a very unique experience !
Detailed program of the Carnival of Annecy is available on the Annecy tourist office

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Let's TROC -The Italian Parents in Geneva TROC on February 6th from 10.30 a.m. till 4p.m. at Avanchets Balexter

I love TROC's  and I talked about them in a  couple of my previous posts. I like walking among stalls looking for nice bargains (great clothes and toys at very inexpensive prices)  and I also love chatting with the sellers who , most of the times,  are mothers  like me.
This TROC is organized by the Gruppo Genitori per la Cultura e Lingua Italiana a Ginevra , it will take place on Saturday Feb 6th in the Salle des Fetes d'Avanchet- Saleve in Avanchets close to Balexter. I'll be both a buyer and a seller , looking forward to see you there !! If you wish to sell, please contact the association .

Friday, 29 January 2016

How to discover Italy - Saint Orso WOOD CRAFT FAIR in Aosta on January 30th and 31st

typical sabot
The origins of the Saint Orso Fair  belong to the Middle Ages when Saint Orso ,an Irish monk who lived in the valley, used to donate wooden shoes (called sabots) to the pilgrims of the Aosta Valley  to protect their feet from the snow and from the cold weather.
This Fair is now the most important one in the Valle D'Aosta Region, it hosts more than 1000  exhibitors that come and sell their beautiful wooden art crafts along all the streets of the Aosta city center. This beautiful Fair  also offers the opportunity to listen traditional musics and to taste the local food and the very famous local white wines .This year the  Fair takes place on January 30th and 31st ;to note that as per the tradition, songs and dances go on the entire night on January 30th until dawn , during the night free hot wine "vin chaud" is offered to the visitors.
At the Fair you will also have the possibility to buy the tipical Valle D'Aosta friendship cups "coppa dell'amicizia", that people wrongly call "Grolla" ,in reality Grolla is a different type of cup.
The friendship cup is a typical wooden vessel with cover and several nozzles that is used to drink the Valle D'Aosta coffee with friends, the cup is passed by friends sitting around the table and each of them drinks a a bit of coffee from the nozzle and then passes it to the next one, the cup can only be placed on the table when its content has been entirely consumed.
The Valel D'Aosta coffee is a blend of coffee and local spirits, brandy, sugar, cinnamon,cloves and oranges.

The best Carnival in Geneva - CARNIVAL AUX BAINS de Paquis with giant jacuzzi bath

This morning I saw on the street the poster of the Carnival at the Bains de Paquis and I thought it was so nice that I decided to write today this post about the event, even if the Carnival will take place in 2 weeks time .
I love the Bains de Paquis and their atmosphere , and I think that their Carnival event is very unique, definitively worth going if you are in town , especially if you have kids.
The event starts at 3 p.m. on Sunday February 13th in the Place de la navigation in Paquis, , from there the procession with "Snowman Winter "goes to the Bains de Paquis where the giant Jacuzzi will be open to the public.
The day continues with games and entertainments for kids until when the "Snowman Winter" (Bon-homme hiver) is burned , this officially opens the Carnival .
At 8 p.m. the fireworks start and the night celebrations end at 12p.m. !

For cats lovers: International CATSHOW in Geneva La Praille on on Jan 30th and 31st

Open to the public from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. and easily accessible in the La Praille event center,, it's a great opportunity for all who love animals and cats in particular.
Full program available here  

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

TODAY : Come and see more than 750 farm ANIMALS in Carouge !!

This week end the central"Place de La Sardaigne square in Carouge turns into a mega "zoo" for more than 750 animals : chickens, rabbits, pigeons,ducks, geese and pheasants  in a great animals parade.
Not to miss if you have kids!

© 2013 - Basse-cour Carougeoise

Check the program here

pictures of the animals expo in Carouge, ending today.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to enjoy night skiing in Manigold -Haute Savoie- 1hr driving from Geneva

Manigold is a very nice village and ski resort, in the direction of Annecy, 1 hr driving from Geneva
This place has the largest night ski area in nearby France.
Skiing at night, until 9.30 p.m. it's possible every Friday and Saturday and every day (but on Sunday) from Feb 5th till March 5th, during French school holidays
Prices start at 16.30 Euro, there are 7 slopes open for night skiing , worth experiencing!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Snowshoeing night walk in La Faucille -Pays de Gex on Saturday January 16th at 6 p.m.

This magic night walk is planned by the Gex Tourist Office this Saturday January 16th, your guide will be a very expert mountain guide , Carol, Cheneval, spoken language is French.
The Meeting point is in front of the ski pass office in Col de La Faucille.
The walk lasts 2 hours, it has medium difficulty level and it's open to adults and children older than 10 years, it costs 20 Euro/person , families (2 adults +1 child) pay 55Euro, families (2 adults + 2 children) pay 70 Euro. A small snack is included.

Enrolment is required ,to enroll, please contact :
Tel: 04 50 41 53 85
Col de la Faucille

Saturday, 9 January 2016

How to fly at 100km/hr and 140mt high -FANTASTICABLE -in Chatel Ski resort -France 1.5 hrs driving from Geneva

The Ski resort of Chatel, about 70 km from Geneva in the area of the Porte Du Soleil ,offers this unique experience: to fly  at100Km/hr speed and 140mt-240mt  high!!!
If you like  amazing  experiences and "strong" emotions, then you should definitively try it.

It's possible to fly alone and in couple, the length of the flight is 1.2 km , costs of a ride starts at 25 Euro
All info at +33450813483 email :