Thursday, 14 April 2016

How to live like the ancient Romans and Egyptians did . La NUIT ANTIQUE in the Parc Des Bastions as of April 15th at 6p.m.

Have you always wanted to see how the ancient Romans and Egyptians lived ? If you want to offer this unique experience to your kids , then plan a trip to the Parc Des Bastions , in the heart of Geneva this Friday as of 6 p.m. or this Saturday from 11 .am. till 6 p.m.
There will be plenty of activities for adults and kids, all around  the way these populations used to live.  The Parc will be turned into an ancient village where it will be possible to see several activities as they used to be performed at that times. This includes coin producing, vase factories, writing on clay tables and so on.
The program of the two days is full of activities: lectures, plays , guided tours are planned for the adults as well as kids entertainments such as treasure hunt, introduction to archaeology and possibility to dress as the Romans did .
There will be the possibility to eat typical food cocked like the ancient did .
The full program is on the Nuit Antique website , there is also a map with the places where the key activities will be planned. This event is open to everybody , worth seeing it!

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