Tuesday, 30 October 2018

My favorite attraction in Geneva is back ! How to enjoy the sound a& light show in Parcheggio Des Bastions!

Finally after 2 years my favorite ever  Geneva attraction is back !!!
The sound & light show has just come back and will be on stage for about 3 weeks until November 21st!
To enjoy this faboulous 20 minutes show that takes place in Parc Des Bastions on the walls of the University, you just go there every evening at 6 pm; 7 pm; 8pm
This year the theme is about Gravity and Science

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Week ends Activities for kids from 6 till 12 years old with Geneva WWF PandaClub starting at 15CHF Summer activities also available

kids enjoying the spring activities at PandaClub image from ©Pandclub website

I have just received the list of Spring Week Ends Children activities organized by Panda Club of Geneva, the Children Section of WWF  they are simply great and your children will love them.

My son attended many of their activities already and he always had a great fun so I definitively recommend this program.
Panda Club Geneva organizes children activities from March till the end of June , on Saturdays , Sundays and on Wednesday  all focused on discovering nature (plants and animals) exploring Geneva and nearby countryside  ; this year spring activities include also observation of the reptiles , Easter eggs painting, and many other interesting things.
Each activity lasts from few hours to half day/one day , parents have to take children at the agreed pick up point in town and then come back at the end of the activity

In addition to the weekend/weekly program, PandClub organizes also 7 Summer weeks (daily activities )  for kids from 6 till 12 years old each one focused on a different theme, kids arrives at 8.30 a.m. and leave around 5 p.m., the starting point for these activities is Petit Lancy, alla ctivities are in French. The cost for a full week is only 230 CHF  . Enrollment has just started 

You can get the detailed program directly on the Panda Club Geneva site , to enroll your kid you just have to fill a form and pay the requested amount on line  .
Enrollment is on "first come first served bases " and activities get full very quickly , so if you are interested don't wait further , all information are available on their website!Important : all activities are in French.
 Panda Club also organizes activities for children aged 12 + , that  is available on request as well

Monday, 19 February 2018

Get a SUMMER JOB for your Teenager in the City of Geneva (for the ones aged between 15 till 22 years old). Enrollment will start early March

My son is only 13 years old , however I know that when he will be 15 years old  I will strongly encourage him to apply for one of the available  summer jobs offered by the  City of Geneva .
If you have kids aged between 15 and 22 years old , what a better opportunity for them to have a 3 weeks working experience in the City of  Geneva Organization (Ville de Geneve) , this summer?

There are currently 160 jobs available in different sectors of the Ville de Geneve Organization for example in the logistics or  environmental areas or in Libraries, Museums , Public Offices and so on , the key conditions to apply are : 1) to be a student  and 2) be resident in Geneva canton 3) have a valid work permit
                     one of the possible summer jobs offered to geneva students  © tdg.ch

Salary depends on age and varies from 13 to 21 CHF/hour

Important: enrollment can only be done online , on the Ville de Geneva website ; applications will open at the beginning of  March 3rd so just watch the website and be ready to ask  your teenagers sons/daughters to enroll quickly!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to enjoy the Swatch collection -FREE guided tour every Sunday at 11 a.m. at La Cite' Du Temps - Geneva city center

I've always been a Swatch lover , since when the first models were launched in the 80's and I started to collect  these iconic watches in the 90's when they  were very difficult to find in Italy
My teenager son has a couple of them already and I still  can't resist buying a new  model from time to time ...

My passion for  Swatch  hasn't diminished, the name Swatch comes from a combination of the two words Swiss and Watch , and I do admire a company that has turned watches into fashion accessories that happen to also  tell the time...
the Swatch collection in Geneva 

This post is for all Swatch lovers , may be not everybody knows that the Swatch Collection is hosted at the  top floor of the Cite' du Temps, in the Pont de la Machine , one of Geneva most famous monuments, built in 1840 to supply water to the city
The building was restored by the Swatch Group in 2005 and since then it hosts the Swatch collection, showing basically all models produced from 1983 till today, so it's really fun to walk through all these watches and seek for the ones you have had and to think about the memories that they bring back to your mind

The entry  to the Swatch collection is FREE and every Sunday there is a free guided tour at 11 a.m. , a great way to enjoy the exhibition  and to discover the best and most interesting models

the building La Cite Du Temps in the center of the city www.myswitzerland.com

WALK with the St. BERNARDS DOGS all weekends until end May -Barry Foundation - 2 hrs from Geneva

The Barry Foundation, who owns the oldest St. Bernards dogs breeding center organizes walks with their famous dogs every Sunday and Saturday until end of May.
A  45 minutes walk in the nice landscape of  Champex Lac during winter and in the woods around Martigny in summer costs 30 CHF per adult and 15 CHF per child  of age between 6 and 16 years old, walks are free for kids younger than 6 years old, accompanied by an adult.
Please book your place in advance  through the tourist office in Champex-Lac (telephone +41 (0) 27 775 23 83, www.champex.ch or e-mail champexlac@saint-bernard.ch), for the winter walks , book directly at the Barry Foundation for the spring walks from March through May

    images of a spring walk with the Saint Bernard dogs copyright www.fondation-barry.ch

About the St. Bernards , these dogs are the Swiss National dogs and one of the symbols of Switzerland , their origins dates back to the 11 century when monks founded a hospice in the Grand Saint Bernard pass to host travelers and pilgrims, The monks brought with them at the hospice some big mountain dogs  to guard and protect the people there, these dogs were the ancestors of the St. Bernards dogs and became soon famous also for being able to rescue people in the snow avalanches . 

The Barry foundation , not only owns the oldest breeding center but also promotes several activities to increase awareness and interest about these  special type of dogs and  takes care about these dogs in Switzerland and beyond. Its name it's in memory of a dog called Barry who lived at the beginning of the 19th century and who saved more than 40 people in the snows.

St Bernards at teh Fondation Barry  www.fonfdation-barry.ch