Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to enjoy the Swatch collection -FREE guided tour every Sunday at 11 a.m. at La Cite' Du Temps - Geneva city center

I've always been a Swatch lover , since when the first models were launched in the 80's and I started to collect  these iconic watches in the 90's when they  were very difficult to find in Italy
My teenager son has a couple of them already and I still  can't resist buying a new  model from time to time ...

My passion for  Swatch  hasn't diminished, the name Swatch comes from a combination of the two words Swiss and Watch , and I do admire a company that has turned watches into fashion accessories that happen to also  tell the time...
the Swatch collection in Geneva 

This post is for all Swatch lovers , may be not everybody knows that the Swatch Collection is hosted at the  top floor of the Cite' du Temps, in the Pont de la Machine , one of Geneva most famous monuments, built in 1840 to supply water to the city
The building was restored by the Swatch Group in 2005 and since then it hosts the Swatch collection, showing basically all models produced from 1983 till today, so it's really fun to walk through all these watches and seek for the ones you have had and to think about the memories that they bring back to your mind

The entry  to the Swatch collection is FREE and every Sunday there is a free guided tour at 11 a.m. , a great way to enjoy the exhibition  and to discover the best and most interesting models

the building La Cite Du Temps in the center of the city

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